3 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Ceiling Fan

From bronze finish antique fans to copper chandelier fans with LED lights, ceiling fans have come a long way. No more do you have to rely on the boring traditional fans of before with 3 blades and dull colours to provide you with some relief from the heat.
Today you can order online a fully customised designed-by-you fan without sweating it out in the market.

Highly practical and cost-effective, as these can save you mega bucks on your energy bills, ceiling fans can be as varied in design as you can possibly imagine.

Here are answers to a few questions you might have before you purchase one:

1. Why do I get one?

Whether you want small kitchen ceiling fans without lights or large blade dining room fans with halogen lights, know that by purchasing one you’re increasing the value of your home as these whirling wonders provide comfort and beautify your surroundings as well. They circulate fresh air when your AC is on and prevent it from working too hard. Fans are super eco-friendly as they save a lot of energy.

2. What size fan should you get?

For a small kitchen or any room, a 36-42 inches fan works nicely. For a huge drawing room, get a 52 inch diameter ceiling fan.

3. Why is my fan making so much noise?

It won’t if you pay more and invest in a top quality fan from a reputed brand. But if your fan is too noisy, have it checked out as it could have a loose light kit or has gotten off balance.